Portfolio / Case study

The below client cases are only highlights of our company Portfolio. To view full samples of our work, please request consultation.

Christopher Barley, MD

Internet Inspirations® developed Dr. Christopher Barley's website, logo, and social media branding. Each page is fully responsive to ensure a positive user experience. Dr. Barley's website is populated with colorful imagery of his office location. Our in-house photographers also conducted a custom photo shoot at the office of Dr. Barley for website and marketing use. Additionally, our team of copywriters supplemented Dr. Barley's website with content that is both original and highly-relevant, while our SEO specialists optimized each page to ensure search engine visibility.

Marc Zimbler, MD, FACS

Marc Zimbler, MD, FACS utilizes a fully responsive website design to enhance user functionality. This design provides a cleaner look, while also allowing users to navigate with ease, regardless of their device or screen size. Our developers created an extensive database for Dr. Zimbler's before and after photos; this gallery can be updated in real time to reflect changes to before and after photos found on the website. A custom banner was also developed to show a selection of Dr. Zimbler's reviews from his patients. Internet Inspirations® copywriters and marketers created optimized website content and SEO to improve Dr. Zimbler's presence in search engines.

Metropolitan Plastic Surgery

A comprehensive website design was implemented for Metropolitan Plastic Surgery. Internet Inspirations® designers worked closely with Metropolitan Plastic Surgery to choose a color palette, along with rich images. Custom illustrations were created by our designers to reflect the metropolitan areas of Washington, DC and Virginia. Our developers also implemented a responsive web design to enhance the overall user experience on both desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, the Internet Inspirations® optimization team integrated SEO to enhance search engine visibility. A custom appointment management system was created so that the client can manage their appointments in real time. A customized before and after photo gallery was also developed, which can be updated by the client.


Internet Inspirations® conceptualized and created the Persian American Society of Plastic Surgeons (PASPS) website to be informative and easily accessible. The site boasts a sophisticated layout and color scheme, along with a responsive design. Our team of developers engineered a "Surgeon Finder" feature, which allows users to search for plastic surgeons within the PASPS network and match them with leading doctors in their region. Profiles and unique logins were created for every PASPS plastic surgeon and each member can customize their profile page, procedure list, photo, and bio. Additionally, Internet Inspirations® copywriters worked with PASPS plastic surgeons to create unique, informative content for users looking to learn more about cosmetic surgery procedures offered by PASPS doctors.

Sculpsure™ Florida

Florida plastic surgeon Dr. Roger Bassin wanted to drive traffic and appointments for SculpSure™ - an innovative non-surgical liposuction procedure. The Internet Inspirations® team created a responsive landing page for patients seeking SculpSure™ treatment in Orlando, Florida. Unique content was written by our copywriters for the SculpSure™ Orlando website to inform and engage users. Our designers created custom graphics using vivid beachfront photography to reflect the target area of Orlando. Deals and specials are included on the site, as well as video content and before and after photos to enrich the overall user experience.

Dr. Marion Shapiro

Internet Inspirations® developed a captivating, responsive design for Dr. Marion Shapiro. Our optimization team created an accessible website navigation to help users browse the site with ease. Our designers built a vivid homepage highlighting Dr. Marion Shapiro's leading procedures. A Google-integrated map was also installed on each page to prominently display Dr. Shapiro's business location while reflecting the branding of the overall website.

Kybella® Florida

Internet Inspirations® is always on the leading edge of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures and launched the Kybella® Florida website after the FDA-approval of Kybella® - the first non-surgical treatment for double chin. The Kybella® Florida website is fully responsive to fit any screen size or device. Site users can learn more about the Kybella® procedure and expected results through custom content written by our Internet Inspirations® copywriters. Each page also features patient results and quick appointment requests to motivate users and encourage conversions.

Body By Bassin

Reflecting the vivid imagery of its Florida locations, Body By Bassin is built and customized to captivate and inform a specific piece of the plastic surgery industry focusing on plastic and cosmetic surgery of the body. The Internet Inspirations® designers implemented a website design that has a strong focus on patient results and featured videos of patients undergoing surgery at Body By Bassin. Our developers created a specialized database to manage and update before and after photos instantaneously at the client's request. Our copywriters also created additional content for the Body By Bassin site, resulting in a more informative user experience. Body By Bassin's website was optimized with SEO best practices to maintain a strong presence in search engines.

Jacob D. Rozbruch, MD

Internet Inspirations® developed Dr. Jacob Rozbruch's website. An up-to-date, fully responsive design was implemented; this design dynamically scales to the size of the user's screen, as well as the particular device being used. Our talented developers handpicked each image for the website and drew orthopedic illustrations, establishing a consistent theme on each page. Our copywriters and SEO experts enhanced the website's content and optimization to further improve search engine positions. A custom navigation was developed for the website that allows for a simpler, more efficient user experience. A specialized testimonial banner was also added to the site, which dynamically shows Dr. Rozbruch's patient reviews. Educational videos are included for each procedure on the website to help inform users about the treatments offered by Dr. Rozbruch.

Park Avenue Radiologists

The Internet Inspirations® team created a dynamic layout for the Park Avenue Radiologists website. Each page of the website is scalable for desktop and mobile devices, allowing users to browse the site with ease. A consistent design is present across the entire website and accompanying social media channels to reinforce the Park Avenue Radiologists brand. Additional content was written for the site to help users better understand the procedures being offered. SEO was strategically implemented to enhance search engine rankings. Our team also structured the Park Avenue Radiologists website according to a user-friendly navigation so users can navigate pages in a clear and concise manner.

Staten Island Oral Surgery

Staten Island Oral Surgery's website is designed to enhance site functionality for an improved user experience. Eye-catching Staten Island images were added to the site to reinforce the connection between the business and the clientele it serves. Internet Inspirations® copywriters created custom, optimized content that reflects Staten Island Oral Surgery's tone of voice and conveys helpful information for users navigating the site. Custom SEO was also added to improve search rankings. Our developers built a custom database that enables the client to update their Events Calendar on their website in real time. Additionally, a customized homepage video was created by our video team and dynamically plays when users first land on the website.

Classi Cosmetic & Implant Dentist

Internet Inspirations® conceptualized and created a unique, original web design for cosmetic dentist Dr. Anthony Classi. Our web developers implemented a fully responsive site design that dynamically adjusts to your device and screen size. Our team crafted a captivating and consistent brand that is reflected across Dr. Classi's website, logo, and social media profiles. An easy-to-navigate website interface allows for a user-friendly experience when visiting Dr. Classi's website.

Josh Fink, MD

Internet Inspirations® developed Dr. Joshua Fink's web presence by creating a responsive website design for his laser / skin care practice. Our web developers worked alongside our copywriters and SEO specialists to redesign Dr. Fink's website while retaining user-friendliness and improving overall site aesthetics.

Mokhtar Asaadi, MD, FACS

Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi's website is designed and developed by the Internet Inspirations® team. The website is fully responsive with original content and search engine optimization. The Internet Inspirations® copywriters worked closely with Dr. Asaadi to create content that conveys his philosophies and educates patients with honest and unique information. This comprehensive approach has resulted in a stronger online presence for Dr. Asaadi. Our team of developers filmed and produced custom on-site videos that are featured throughout the website to further explain the procedures offered at Asaadi Plastic Surgery. Our developers implemented a specialized review management system, which allows the client to feature the latest patient reviews directly on the site. The client also has the ability to update their before and after gallery, as well as their promotions page, by using a specialized database built by our team.

Sutton Place Dermatology

The Internet Inspirations® team built upon Sutton Place Dermatology's existing website to enhance their online presence. Our design team created a new logo, color scheme, and fully responsive layout for a more aesthetically-pleasing look. Our copywriters also wrote new content and added new pages to place a stronger emphasis on each of Sutton Place Dermatology's procedures, transforming the site into a fully informative resource for potential patients. Additionally, rich imagery was added to each page to reinforce the site's content.

Mark Stein DDS, MD

New York Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery's website underwent a complete redesign to improve the overall user experience. A fully responsive design was implemented to achieve brand cohesiveness across mobile and desktop devices. Our design team updated the practice's logo to reflect the new site. Imagery from Central Park and other prominent New York City locations was used on each page to foster a connection between the business and the community it serves. Internet Inspirations® also filmed and edited an interactive introductory video for New York Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery's homepage. This video is designed to engage first-time users visiting the homepage. When a returning user visits, the video will change to a static image.


Internet Inspirations® launched the Aqualipo® brand and developed an eye-catching logo and color scheme, along with a fully responsive website design that runs smoothly on all platforms. Additionally, Internet Inspirations® copywriters created engaging content to achieve an informative user experience, while our SEO team carefully optimized each website page to help improve search engine visibility. Immersive print materials were also designed to aid in marketing efforts, helping spread awareness to potential patients around the country.

The Selem Center

The Internet Inspirations® team launched a redesigned website for Joseph Selem, MD that incorporates a fully responsive layout that caters to users on all mobile & desktop platforms. Our designers populated the new site with vivid beachfront imagery to reinforce Dr. Selem's Florida locations. Additionally, our content and SEO teams made adjustments to the site's copy and optimization to boost Dr. Selem's visibility on search engines.

Miami Eye Center

Our team designed and built the Miami Eye Center website specifically to drive traffic for Dr. Joseph Selem's eye surgery procedures. Miami Eye Center's design and branding is visually reminiscent of Dr. Selem's plastic surgery website, The Selem Center-also created by Internet Inspirations®. These two fully responsive websites work together to establish Dr. Selem's online presence and further his practice's brand.

Filer Eye MD

Internet Inspirations® redesigned Filer Eye MD's website to achieve a cohesive brand that is consistently displayed on different mediums, including mobile and desktop. The site is fully responsive, allowing users to seamlessly navigate from page to page regardless of their device or screen size. The conversion to a responsive layout is designed to improve usability and boost the online presence of Filer Eye MD,, helping to drive new traffic to the site.

Central Park Oral Surgery

In need of a fresh website design, Central Park Oral Surgery recruited Internet Inspirations® to design a fully responsive site while maintaining the core components of their brand. Our team created a new, interactive navigation that allows users to seamlessly switch from page to page on any device. New York imagery was added to establish a visual link between Central Park Oral Surgery and the city it serves. Our media team conducted a photoshoot at the business location to populate the site with relevant office and staff photos, while also filming on location to create an engaging homepage video for first time users visiting the site. If a returning user visits the homepage once again, they are then shown a static image.

KMR Communications

KMR Communications, in need of a full website redesign, recruited Internet Inspirations® to create an engaging responsive site for potential clients in the public relations industry. The Internet Inspirations® team designed a website that stands out-incorporating vivid imagery of the beauty, fitness, and health fields to reflect KMR's areas of focus, as well as scenic images of their beautiful location: Miami Beach. Additionally, Internet Inspirations® built a custom CMS (content management system) for KMR Communications, allowing the client to easily update content and links whenever necessary.

Park Avenue Podiatric Care

Internet Inspirations® completely rebranded Park Avenue Podiatric Care by designing a new logo and color palette and developing a sleek, easy-to-navigate responsive website that runs smoothly on desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. Our team also wrote additional content and re-optimized each page of the website to improve search engine visibility.

Warren Smile Center

Warren Smile Center's website was converted to a fully responsive design in order to create an optimal viewing experience. The new site lays out cleanly on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops and adjusts to the size of the user's screen while retaining functionality. This type of user-friendly design helps increase the accessibility of Warren Smile Center's online presence by displaying their brand across a greater number of mediums.

Gallina Law

Internet Inspirations® developed a fully responsive new website for The Law Office of William A. Gallina, P.L.L.C. Each page of the website reflects a vivid and engaging brand that visually links the client's law office to the clientele it serves-the New York City location-through the use of rich NYC-themed photography that reinforces the site's content. This brand is consistently displayed across all user platforms, thanks to a smooth, responsive design. Additionally, our SEO team fully optimized each page of the website to increase search engine optimization efforts and significantly boost The Law Office of William A. Gallina, P.L.L.C.'s online presence in search engines.

Bassin Plastic Surgery

Internet Inspirations® gave the Bassin Center For Plastic Surgery brand a complete facelift, refreshing the look and feel of their full and mobile website. A responsive site design was implemented to enhance usability across all platforms and devices. Consistent branding was also utilized throughout subsequent ads and customized in-office brochures.

Sharon Giese, MD

Dr. Sharon Giese needed to rebrand the look and feel of her web presence to better represent the values and professionalism of her practice. Our talented web developers designed her practice and signature logos, as well as the layout of her website, to match her vision. We also enhanced her navigation for user-friendliness. Working directly with Dr. Giese, our dedicated copywriters rewrote her website content to increase search engine optimization. Our development team added a social media integration feature, allowing Dr. Giese to feature her latest social media posts directly on her website. A review management system was also implemented to enable Dr. Giese to feature and manage her latest reviews on her site. Our team also built a custom before and after database which allows Dr. Giese to manage and update her before and after photos on her website.


Dr. Sharon Giese's signature procedure, NaturalLift, needed its own web presence to drive targeted traffic to her website. Our team created an immersive and responsive web design to capture viewers and improve user-friendliness. Certain aspects of the NaturalLift design are thematically similar to Dr. Giese's overall website, establishing a subtle, yet consistent link throughout the Sharon Giese, MD online brand.

DJ Reynolds

DJ Reynolds needed a website and menu redesign for their NYC-based Irish pub and restaurant. Internet Inspirations® created a responsive web design that will dynamically adjust depending on the users' device and screen size. Cuisine-related imagery was added to the website, while all menus were updated with user-friendly fonts. A self-administered menu was also created by our development team, allowing the client to update their menus at any time.

human med

To help Human Med expand as a national distributor of medical equipment, Internet Inspirations® oversaw the construction and development of several brands, including Renuvia, Body-Jet, J-AFT (Jet-Assisted Fat Transfer), Lipo Collector, and Filler Collector. We also developed award-winning booth designs at two prestigious medical conventions, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Convention and the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Convention.

Orlando Hair Restoration Center

Another of our many custom-developed brands, Orlando Hair MD needed complete branding, from conceptualization, logo design, taglines and website development, to print. The root of successful branding is the ability to transfer the look and feel of your brand to all digital and print mediums while retaining the simplicity and usability of user friendliness. Internet Inspirations® achieves cohesive design for all our brands. This brand was also expanded to several other markets, including Tampa, Jacksonville, Savannah, Atlanta, La Jolla, and Newport.


One of our many custom-developed brands, LazerLift was built from the ground up. Internet Inspirations® envisioned its conception and brand, including logo design, color palate, usage guidelines, taglines, and full and mobile website development. From the usability of the online "Doctor Finder" to the beauty of the brochures, folders and banners, Internet Inspirations® implemented digital and print marketing campaigns to help interested patients connect with qualified doctors nationwide.

NYC Chin Implants

Internet Inspirations® innovative design team and search engine optimization specialists helped Dr. Darrick E. Antell market a very specific procedure within his cosmetic surgery practice: chin implants. We expanded his current brand by designing a custom developed website dedicated to chin augmentation. This responsive website represents the core of Dr. Antell's brand while specifically driving focused internet traffic to his practice.

Darrick Antell, MD

Internet Inspirations® created a fully responsive, immersive, and informative website for Dr. Darrick E. Antell. Our web designers focused on building an aesthetically-pleasing website that fulfilled Dr. Antell's vision. The result is a sleek, professional layout that is easy for users to read through and navigate. Our SEO team optimized each page of Dr. Antell's site to improve visibility in search engines and maintain a sizeable and authoritative online presence. Custom photos and videos captured by our in-house photographers and videographers are displayed throughout the website. Dr. Antell's site also features a before and after database, allowing him to manage his before and after photos on his website. New photos can be added at any time.

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